Corporate and Business Transactions

Ms. Mattick has been engaged in the following transactions, among others, within the last five years:

  • Working with a start-up formed to provide web-based information to high school students, parents, high schools, colleges and guidance counsellors about students’ likelihood of being admitted by particular colleges and what amount of merit-based financial aid they could expect from each college. Working to obtain non-profit grants to develop the required software so that it can be used for both non-profit and for-profit purposes. The intent is to transfer intellectual property to a for-profit subsidiary in exchange for equity to be held in the name of the non-profit and grant an irrevocable license back to the non-profit.   
  • Settled a suit against a client in Delaware Chancery Court which arose out of shareholders trying to remove a board of directors and current management by written consent as allowed by Delaware and Texas law.
  • Negotiating and drafting various business contracts for a Philippines based outsourcing business founded by a Filipino American.
  • Negotiating an exit for a franchisee from a national franchise.
  • Representation of angel investors and entrepreneurs in creating parallel non-profit and for-profit entities to capitalize on social investment opportunities and get socially useful products out into the marketplace. Specifically, this has included work with after-market additions to Segways for use by paraplegics; with health information products; and education and cancer research.   Representation included structuring to achieve certain tax objectives, contracts with government agencies and non-profits and compliance with FDA regulatory requirements. 
  • Creation of contract templates and confidentiality policies regarding client information and contracts with all clients for a media and public relations firm specializing in the educational publishing industry. For sixteen years, on-going review of new contracts with clients as they come on line or are renewed, including confidentiality, indemnity and insurance requirements, to ensure consistency across contracts.