Mergers and Acquisitions

Ms. Mattick has been engaged in the following transactions, among others, within the last five years:

  • Negotiating the purchase of a minority interest by a strategic investor / complimentary business, including an exclusive subcontractor agreement, the ability to redeem the investment in certain circumstances, and employment agreements for principals of the new investor. Included referral for valuation services.
  • Structuring of a combination of three entities in the same industry through sale of all assets from two entities and sale of some assets from a third entity. Transaction included an asset purchase agreement, bills of sale, certificates of title to admiralty assets, a governing document for a pass through entity with a waterfall of distributions involving three different classes, warrants for some equity holders, an information disclosure document and securities law compliance and an equity holders’ meeting to vote for or against the transaction. 
  • Work on the sale of an investment advisory practice with $120 million under management, including letter of intent and review and editing of definitive sale documents and future employment agreements.
  • Work with a company to prepare for and negotiate an acquisition of the Company; including evaluation of several offers, bringing in tax advisors and steering the analysis whether offers met the shareholders’ after tax goals; review and preparation of due diligence materials to provide to potential acquirers and negotiation and drafting of definitive documents to consummate the acquisition.