Corporate and Securities Law for Growing Companies

This is a law practice focused on working with entrepreneurs, whether new to entrepreneurship or running a company they founded for several decades.  “Corporate” lawyers may work for corporations or in private practice, but the fundamentals of what we do are founded in finding the right structure, fund raising and other solutions for businesses.  Check out “Representative Transactions” to look at the specific business solutions I can craft for you.  

Beyond practicing law, I hope to use this site to discuss the legal and business issues of companies that are beyond start-up but want to grow.  These companies from say, $2 million in annual revenues to $50 million in annual revenues typically have a difficult time raising capital or obtaining debt financing to fuel that growth.  The “best solutions” for incentive compensation, equity holder relations, relations with those that do provide capital and harvesting value out of the company for founders are often not the same “best solutions” as those for larger organizations.  I invite those that run these companies, manage their finances and develop business for them to come join the conversation.  I also invite service providers who work with them to share their best solutions.

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